Nikon Z9 will begin shipping next month

The B&H website may have leaked the shipping date for the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera. Manufacturer Nikon hasn’t yet officially announced the date but major retailer B&H is now listing one.

According to B&H the release date for the Nikon Z9 is December 15th 2021. This will be the date that the retailer begins shipping the new digital camera. No other major retailer has begun listing a shipping date for the Nikon Z9. While this date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it does seem very reasonable.

Recently announced, the Nikon Z9 is already in high demand with pre-orders which could mean it will go out of stock very quickly. It’s still unknown how much stock will be available immediately at launch but pre-orders have been selling quickly across various websites. Hopefully Nikon will have the supply to meet the demands at launch for the new camera during the holiday period.

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