Panasonic Lumix BS1H Is AWESOME

Lumix DC-BS1H First Impressions Review.

The Panasonic Lumix BS1H is real and has just landed. This is our first impressions review of this full frame filmmaking powerhouse.

We initially recorded this the day before release, reporting on some very credible leaks from a Panasonic Lumix Retailer, but during editing the camera was fully released by surprise and as predicted the leaks were real. The Panasonic Lumix BS1H is a S1H is a boxed, cine friendly format, a true filmmaking powerhouse.

The LUMIX BS1H is a versatile box-style camera combining the cinema-quality video performance of the LUMIX S1H into the easy-to-deploy box-style profile. Accommodating a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor with Dual Native ISO technology, the LUMIX BS1H further enhances its potential including 6K full-area high resolution recording, impressive bokeh, low-light performance, wide dynamic range of 14+ stops V-Log and more.

With its high connectivity and mobility, users can flexibly build the BS1H up into their ideal camera system according to the scenario. The consistent look of images minimises post-production processing when other Panasonic LUMIX production cameras such as the BGH1, a Micro Four Thirds box-style camera, or the S1H, a full-frame mirrorless cinema camera, are used together. 

The LUMIX BS1H will be available at RRP £2,999 (inc. VAT) from mid-November.

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