Panasonic Lumix G90/G95 Review

A Must Have Mirrorless Camera For Video?

The G90 is Panasonic’s latest mid-range mirrorless, It’s a true hybrid Video & Photo Camera – much like it’s bigger brother the GH5. The big upgrades in this mirrorless, from its predecessor the G80, all tend to sit in the video capabilities of this camera. Making this mid-range mirrorless, really pack a punch for filmmakers. 

It has a 20.3MP M4/3 sensor, which can shoot video at up to 4k 30, as well as slow motion video in 1080 at 120fps, so capable of capturing your Peter McKinnon style Broll! Video is recorded at huge 100mbps in 4k & 28mbps at 1080 and as well as this it features Panasonics renowned Time Lapse modes.

On paper it seems like the perfect camera for YouTubers, with it’s fully articulating OLED Screen, built in mic & headphone jack, In body Stabilisation & a whole host of lenses to choose from. So lets just jump straight in and look at the good bits of the G90. 


No Time Limit on Recording, even in 4k. This is huge, and in any mirrorless or dslr camera quite a rare thing, especially for us in Europe. The fact that you can record any clip length you desire, really does make this a viable video camera. 

VLOG L Profile – Great for grading, with awesome added dynamic range, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the G90 only records in 8Bit, meaning there’s not a huge amount of grading you can do before the picture starts degrading.

In Body IS on 5 Axis – is incredible, and a great feature to have. It means the camera is a great fit for any handheld, vlog or run n gun style shooting, as it will actively smooth out some of the camera shake you’re likely to get. 

Titly Flippy Screen – A Fully articulating OLED display, which moves out from the side of camera to being a front facing monitor. The fact that more cameras of this form don’t have this feature is still a mystery to me, but the G90 has it, and for any shooting video, especially for YouTube this is a very welcome addition. 

In general it’s just feature packed little camera, with different file types, frame sizes & frame rates available. ergonomically it’s great to use, although a little big for a mirrorless. But all the physical controls and dials are intuitive and in general it’s a nice camera to film with.


1.26X crop in 4k  – If you’re hoping to vlog in 4k this will be an issue, as the crop combined with the MFT sensor makes even the 12mm lens a 30mm full frame equivalent, making selfie style/vlog shooting a bit tricky. Beyond selfie style shooting, it’s not a huge deal, but defitnieley worth noting.

The Panasonic AF system is not nearly a good as the Dual Pixel system on canon’s and tends to want to drift even when in Face Detect mode. Saying that, it is totally useable, but worth bearing in mind. 


In summary this camera is a great addition to the filmmaking world. It’s mirrorless form factor & price point does put it in the market next to some serious contenders. However any filmmakers out there that are looking for a perfect mid-range hybrid, for both video & photo wouldn’t be disappointed with the Panasonic G90.

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  1. Nice Video.Which camera is better G95/G90 or Gh5? because the sensor is the same and also has V-log. Only I can not decide.Which ones do you recommend to me?

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