Ricoh announces new Waterproof Compact Camera

Camera manufacturer Ricoh has just announced a new waterproof compact camera designed for the harshest of conditions. The WG-80 offers 16MP with a 5x optical zoom and “ultra-high resolution” image processing technology. It should allow high resolution images to be taken regardless of the conditions.

The WG-80 is designed to work in almost any outdoor condition. The product page confirms the camera is waterproof, can withstand drop of up to 1.6m and will operate in temperatures as low as -10 Celsius. It should provide high quality images outside in all conditions which should make it ideal for ‘extreme sports’ and any outdoor activity.

Pre-orders for the WG-80 will be opening very soon from different digital retailers including Amazon and B&H. Ricoh hasn’t announced when the pre-orders will go live for the WG-80 but we can expect this to happen relatively soon.

The WG-80 is designed for every imaginable outdoor environment and adds to the experience with features such as Underwater mode for underwater photography, and an Outdoor View setting that adapts monitor brightness to ambient lighting.

● Water proofing: IPX8, JIS Class 8

● Dust proofing: IP6X, JIS Class 6

● Shock proofing: Able to withstand drops of 1.6 m/5.2 ft. onto a 5 cm/2 in. thick surface using MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5–Shock adapted to in-house standards

● Crush proofing: Tested according to RICOH standards

● Freeze proofing*: Ensures operation at temperatures down to −10 °C

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