Samtian 160 LED Studio Lighting Kit

Budget LED Video Lighting Under £/$30!!

If you’ve been thinking about spending on some lighting to improve the standard of your videos and make them more enjoyable to watch, you’re going to love this one. Equally if you have been having second thoughts about lighting because of the price… well then welcome Cheapskates you are in the right place, don’t give up the search. Because I’ve found a basic studio light setup that is more than what you were looking for for under £30.

You can be excused for not knowing the brand Samtian, I’m not 100% on the pronunciation myself. But I do know a deal and I know quality, and to that ends there is plenty to share with you. This kit can be found on Amazon. I found it when searching for Battery powered LED lights to create backlighting and possibly key lighting for product videos. One of my favourite things is when I find something as a “kit” mainly because that suggests I get an organised bag with everything I need. The Samtian studio lights are just that:

In the kit you get:

  • 2* LED Lights
  • 2* Mini Ball Heads
  • 2* diffusers for 5000 kelvin
  • 2* Orange filters for  3200 kelvin
  • 2* Light Stand
  • 2* NP-F550 batteries
  • 2* Chargers
  • 2 *UK Plugs
  • 1* Carry Bag
  • 1* User manual

This set up is usually £79.99 and currently on offer for £67.99, equally the panels on their own come in at under $/£30, so with all that laid out is it any good?


This kit is a complete set up, you get everything you need in this purchase. You set up the stands which extend to two meters. Attach the mini ball head which screws in with the standard quarter inch thread, but also there is a cold shoe mount which is well thought out should you want to mount the light on your camera or accessories.

Once you place your fully charged battery on the light panel you can expect up to an hour of light, although Samtian quotes 90 minutes of run time (I didn’t find that). A full recharge will take just shy of three hours so multiple sets is definitely recommended. 

The LED Panel is made up of 160 LED’s which are dimmable through buttons on the back of the unit. When cranked up fully you get 950 Lumens. They work perfectly for video with no flicker and if you are shooting a talking head then try the orange filter dropped on to the magnetic front of the panels and used as a key lights, They are really effective at reducing the appearance of freckles and blemishes, giving the skin a healthy, smooth look. All in all they give a good level of light and at the full £80. Price they represent is a good buy. So is there anything to consider or should you just go straight out and buy this.


The charger plastic and weight does give away this is a cheap lighting set up. When using the lights after the second charge of the batteries they only ran for about 50 minutes on a full charge. This could be the charger indicating they were full when they needed more of a charge or the batteries? It could even be that the charger and batteries are both at fault, either way this does let the kit down.

If you have already bought Aperture lights or similar you will immediately notice the big difference in the feel of plastic, the weight and the overall quality of the kit. Even the bag gives away the price point as it is thin and lacks any padding. You must know that these are the things you will miss out on for not spending the extra two hundred on a leading brand.


The pillars of good video can at least be pinned as Camera quality, Good Audio and Good lighting. This kit does let you get your foot on the ladder to significantly improve your lighting quality. I’ve found the lights to be incredibly useful for shooting macro b-roll. Also as a backlight for short talking head shots. I can recommend them for anyone who is looking for product video or photography, also for short use when trusting the batteries that are included. It really does represent great value in the right circumstance. 

That’s all from me on the Samtian LED 160 studio light kit, and I hope you can join me in the next one.

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