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Shure MV88+ Kit Review

The missing piece of the mobile filmmaking jigsaw, the tale-tell sign of poor quality video is always the audio. And in truth we haven’t been blessed with too many, quality options.  That was until microphone heavyweight Shure threw their hat into the ring, with the MV88+ kit

Shure have certainly packed a huge amount into this kit, to the point where it looks like it could well be the missing piece from any vloggers, mobile journalist or mobile filmmakers set-up.

The MV88+ microphone itself looks to represent the best in a rugged condenser microphone, combined with the versatility needed to be a fully mobile friendly video microphone. Being a digital condenser mic it has selectable polar patterns. Sounds complicated, but all it means is that you can decide how this microphone behaves in relation to the direction it picks up sound. From an adjustable, cardoid pattern to split mono figure 8 where it picks up from both sides, right through to full stereo Mid-Side patterns. 

Although the mic will work perfectly with the native video apps & 3rd party software like Filmic Pro, All of the MV88+ best functionality comes from Shure’s Motiv video & audio mobile apps. 

The app packs in a huge amount of simple to use functionality for even the novice filmmaker on the go, and unlike a lot of software that’s linked to filmmaking hardware out there, its actually really easy to use. From 5 preset, DSP modes to more refined controls such as high pass filtering & compression presets, the app’s really have everything covered for pretty much all mobile creators. 


Before we get onto the qualities of the product itself, the Shure MV88+ Kit offers so much value into one package that that value is hard to ignore. There is of course cheaper alternatives on the market, but none of those even come close to the sheer versatility of this microphone and huge value of the kit & app combination. Put simply, this is actually all the average mobile video creator would need to get going. 

The build quality is superb, both of the microphone and of the kit itself. My love for the Manfrotto Pixi Mini is well known, but the additional stands and cold shoe mic clip are all really well put together. Now ordinarily mobile video kit has a tendency to plastic and cheap feeling, but again that’s not the case here.

The Ease of use is a huge factor with anything mobile related, and in our testing the MV88+ didn’t let us down. As I said earlier quite often when camera hardware relies on mobile phone software it’s often poorly designed or really cumbersome to use, but both the audio & video Motiv apps from Shure have a fantastic user experience, are simple to navigate and most importantly don’t hold you up during filming. 

Finally & most importantly is the audio quality, and genuinely this impressed me too. Of course, this isn’t a top end microphone & pre amp situation here, so we have to take it in context. but in that context it has genuinely surprised me and surpassed my expectations as to what audio quality is possible within a recording captured on my iPhone. 


When looking at any products negatives I always try to keep things in context of price point, intended end user and competition. However with that I do have a couple of observations worth nothing.

Firstly isn’t something I’ve personally come across, but I know some Android users may face compatibility issues, but there’s purely down to sheer number of different devices of different ages running that OS. If you’re on Android check the Shure website to see if the apps work with your phone. 

Within the apps themselves I would like to see more control options, perhaps under an advanced tab. Things like the EQ have very limited control or refined options for adjusting tight bands or small changes. 

The same is true of the built in compressor, which only gives you 3 options. Again being an audio geek I’d very much like to be to dive to adjust things like the ratio myself. But saying all of that, for the intended user having a controllable compressor of any kind is actually a massive bonus. 


The MV88+ does command a pretty high price point, for the world of mobile video creation. But as a complete tool for the mobile creator this kit offers so much in terms of audio quality, usability & versatility that it represents every penny of that investment and if you were wondering, we recorded this entire video using the MV88+

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