Sigma EF-M Lens Trio – Canon EOS M Comeback

A set of fast, prime lenses from Sigma that aren’t just optically great, but they rejuvenate an entire range of mirrorless cameras.

So far all talk of Canon in 2020 has been about their full frame offerings both from the 1dX mark 3 and now with their focus on the RF mount the EOS R mirrorless bodies coming out later this year.

This new focus, combined with the always limited range of lenses for EOS-M bodies, have left the users of these APS-C sized Mirrorless cameras somewhat short changed. 

It has always been the EOS M range’s major short coming, with only 8 Canon EF-M lenses available, only 1 of which with an aperture faster than F/2.

So naturally users looking for more creative options turned to adapting their bodies for EF mount glass or sadly even to retiring their EF-M cameras in favour of other mirrorless options.

I say sadly as, for me, this range of cameras has always had a huge amount to offer filmmakers, with it’s lightweight, easy to use form, great quality straight out of the sensor and these days a price point that offers nothing but incredible value. But with the limited lens options available, it’s always been hard to fully recommend these cameras for anyone looking to be creative.

That was until Sigma turned up at the end of last year and potentially saved the EOS-M from fading into obscurity. Sigma’s release of a trio of Fast, Prime lenses in their ‘contemporary range’ for the EF-M mount is a game changer.

With focal lengths, almost made exclusively for the casual video creator of 16mm, 30mm & 56mm and a fast F/1.4 aperture, it just seems to good to be true. The price point is equally unbelievable, with all 3 lenses being in the sub $500 price. 

The Sigma (C) EF-M 16mm F/1.4 offers the wide angle versatility you’d need for everyday vlogging or selfie shooting. It’s compact & light, matching the best features of the EOS-M bodies without compromising on optical quality.

The 30mm F/1.4 is the best value of the trio, not only with a low price point, it goes directly to-to-toe with the Canon EF-M 32mm but at half the cost. It has the premium look of an Art lens but without the associated size. It defies belief for this range of cameras and it’s price point.

The 56mm F/1.4 is my favourite of the bunch. It’s lightweight form is perfect for the EOS-M bodies and the focal length & fast aperture combination make it the most creative and for me, aesthetically beautiful lens of the three. Truly a Broll beast of a lens, and for less than $500 is an incredible offering and one EOS-M users should be excited about. 

Of course there is some shortcomings, none of the trio features any image stabilisation or weather sealing. The IS is the biggest issue for video, as the early EOS-M bodies don’t feature any stabilisation either. So something to be wary of if you’re an EOS M or M3 user. 

In the coming days we’ll be putting out fully detailed reviews of each lens in its own right, so if they’re of interest stay tuned for those. But in short it’s a trio that not only rejuvenates the EOS-M range, but that has equally helped me fall back in love with some of my favourite little cameras of all time.

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