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Sigma EF-M 30mm F/1.4 C For Video – Lens Review

A main stay for any collection of lenses is a Fast Standard prime. At 30mm the new EF-M mounted Sigma Contemporary is a focal length that every videographer should have and in many ways is more versatile & useful a tool than the kit lens that came with your camera. 

Released at the end of 2019 as part of a trio of Contemporary Range lenses, the EF-M mounted Sigma 30mm F/1.4 can be found for a mere £330. For that incredible low price point your getting a fantastic quality prime lens, that in many respects is a must have for any video shooters using the the EOS-M range of cameras. 

Sitting in front of the APS-C sized sensor you’re getting an effective focal length of around 45mm which for any talking head shots is pretty much the perfect focal length. 

It features a F/1.4 aperture that can stop all the way down to F/16. With a minimum focus distance of 30CM and weighing just 270g, in many ways this lens represents a must have for any video shooter and for me is the perfect balance of value & quality that the EOS-M range has always been missing.


The build quality of this lens is incredible. It is so compact and lightweight that it’s a perfect match for the EOS-M system, and despite that lightweight form it has that premium build quality that you would expect from a Sigma Contemporary Lens

The auto focus is both fast & nearly silent. It’s not often you come across that great combination and for video shooters, when you do you almost rejoice! It’s reliable enough to stand up to the pace of run n gun filming whilst also being quiet enough to no be picked up by on-body microphones. 

The fast aperture when wide open gives so many creative options that up to this point have not been available on this range of cameras. 

Having a fast, wide & prime lens for video is a great option and at this quality & price point is incredible. Optically this lens far outstrips it’s almost budget price point, to the point that I would say that this is a must have for any EOS-M user.


The lack of image stabilisation is a downside to any lens for video, especially those looking to shoot handheld, so the fact that these lenses don’t have IS has to be listed as a downside. That said it is literally the only negative point I can honestly pick out for the 30mm F/1.4 so in truth it’s less of a outright negative and more of a compromise you’ll have to accept to get this much quality at this incredible low price point. 


The EF-M mounted 30mm F/1.4 from Sigma is one of those rare breed of lenses that represent a must have for anyone filming with their respective range of cameras. Not only is the focal length perfect for video and the fast aperture a great creative tool, but the sheer value and optical quality it offers, far outstrips anything else available even at twice the price. 

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