Sontronics Podcast Pro Review

TL:DR This is easily the best mic of it’s class, that not just outstrips its price point, but also gives the competition of 3 times the price a really good run for its money.

Being an audio geek at heart I do love a good microphone deep dive, but often the world of microphones aimed at YouTube creators is pretty lacking. You do have some fair exceptions from the likes of Rode and Shure but in truth these are few and far between and often pretty over priced, I’m looking at you SM7B.

Sontronics stepping into the game is a really exciting addition, I know this smaller British brand from my days in in the music industry, where they’re a well known and respected brand for producing beautifully crafted and well priced studio microphones. Thankfully for the world of content creators they have carried that same ethos into the Podcast Pro.

The Sontronics team are a small UK outfit, designing these hand built microphones with all the audio sensibility of a recording studios needs but now for the more, audio-hap-hazard world of YouTube and podcast creators. Inside the Podcast Pro’s loud paintwork you have a beautifully crafted super-cardioid dynamic mic, which features an internal pop filter that not only catches those nasty plosives for you, but also goes some way to taming the harsh sibilance you would normally associate with microphones of this price point. But beyond all the talk, lets have a look at my good and bad points of the Sontronics Podcast Pro.

The Good

The build quality is top notch, every inch of this microphone oozes a quality well beyond it’s 100£ price point and this is matched one step further with Sontronics offering a Lifetime warranty with all their products. So in truth you know that this is built to last.

Matching up to that build quality is just how good this thing sounds, right out of the box. I know this world of content creators loves a run n gun, plug and play kind of set up and if you fall into one of those camps, this mic fits, sounding great with no heavy lifting in post. You get a lovely, and well rounded tone without having to work at it. Things like the internal Pop filter help here too. Not only does this catch those plosives for you, but also it does a great job at taming the harsh sibilance that you sometimes get with broadcast mics and all without losing any detail or clarity from your voice.

Finally, and really just for the giant kid in me, it looks awesome on camera. We got sent the Purple one to borrow for the review, but I’ve also gone out and purchased the Red too because I love it so much. There’s a whole rainbow of colorways available too if you fancy something a bit different, I just hope they’ll let me keep the purple one too!!

The Bad

So onto the negatives. Dynamic mics require a little more gain that their condenser contemporaries and of course there’s an element of expertise needed to get the best out of any microphone. However we’re not talking SM7B levels of gain, this doesn’t need something like a cloud lifter to get near zero db, but you will be cranking you preamps up.

And talking of which, you will want a decent quality pre-amp and recorder for podcasting and a decent audio interface for streaming. These are requirements of any high quality mic, which of course makes them all a little less accessible for newer creators, But considering this microphone and all the build and audio quality it offers comes in at less than a £100 or $150 US It’s definitely within the reach of creators of all types.

Final Thoughts

The Sub $150 price point is a crowded place for microphones, but as anyone that gets to use them regularly will know, a lot of them just aren’t worth your money. Until now you were really resigned to saving and putting your money down on one of the big brands offerings. But in all honesty I would say that Sontronics have bucked that trend with the Podcast Pro. This is easily the best mic of it’s class, that not just outstrips its price point, but also gives the competition of 3 times the price a really good run for its money.

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