Sony A7C – Released & Reviewed

Do we need Full Frame compact camera?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t have a youtube account, you will have heard the news from Sony. The long awaited announcement of the Sony A7C. A full frame, interchangeable lens compact camera, boasting impressive mid-level specs, for a price point of just shy of 2 grand.

One thing you can’t knock Sony for is their marketing prowess, their carefully placed leaks, well timed releases and orchestrated slew of embargoed reviews all hit the hype mark on point. My Youtube feed this morning is litterally crammed with “first looks”, “impressions”, “initial reviews” and showcases of this new camera. A quick glance at the camera community on Twitter and it’s the same case their, with influencer advocates all waxing lyrical about this new release, which just like all other releases from Sony is claimed to be “game changing”. But does the market really need a full frame compact and with a 2 grand price point, is this really the ‘vlog’ friendly camera Sony claim it to be?


For sure the specs, on face value are pretty impressive, well actually they’re pretty much identical to the Sony A7iii, probably because it’s the same camera in a different dress.

  • 35mm Full Frame, Sony E-Mount
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 24.2 MP
  • 4K Video up to 30p (25p for PAL)
  • 4.2.0 8Bit colour depth
  • 100MB/PS bit rate
  • 120FPS in 1080p
  • Hybrid AF with ‘real-time’ Eye-AF’
  • Flippy, front facing touchscreen (from the side, you know like Canon’s!!)
  • Single SD card

So yes, it seems this camera offers a lot in a diminished compact camera body. The largest part of the internals, including the sensor, processor & AF System are all borrowed from the excellent Sony A7iii. Interestingly a more fully formed Full Frame camera that you can pick up for the same RRP, or even cheaper if you’re willing to search the used market.

So that leaves me with my final thoughts really, who is this camera actually for and does it even make sense in its market position? After the dust settles from the initial influencer excitement and we all get hands on in November 2020 we will be able to tell for ourselves. But I’d argue anyone wanting a compact camera wouldn’t be in the market for full frame shooting and/or wouldn’t be looking to drop £/$2,000 on a compact camera. This price point is an even bigger issue when you consider the typical compact camera user and also the available alternatives to you within that budget.

I guess only time will tell on this one!

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