Sony A7ii 2019 Review

Is this the best low budget full frame camera for video? Sony A7 ii 2019 Review.

Released in 2014, the Sony A7 mark 2 is probably one of the most reviewed cameras of it’s time. And that’s because for it’s time, it was an absolute beast!!

Featuring a full frame 35mm, 24MP Exmor CMOS sensor, 5 Axis in-body Image stabilisation & the robust XAVC S Video Codec, which in this camera captures 1080p video at 50fps in a 50MB/S Bit rate, which again for the time & for 1080p video is a decent quality bit rate.

The A7ii can still be found on the new market today for around £1,200 but we managed to pick this one up used for just £650 & that price point, you’re getting a whole lot of full frame camera for your money. 

But by now we all know the specs of this mirrorless camera, so let’s just jump straight in and look at the good bits of the Sony A7 Mark 2

The Good Bits of the Sony A7ii

The Price Point, on the used market you can find low shutter count models for less than the cost of a compact point & shoot. and for sure it is lacking some premium features of these newer cameras, which we’ll touch on later. But for that sub £700 price tag, you’re getting a high-end full frame camera that we’ll blow anything else in it’s price point out of the water. 

The technology Sony put in this body was truly ahead of it’s time and thankfully a lot of it still stands up 5 years on. The 5 Axis Sensor shifting stabilisation is incredible, as is the XAVC S video codec. It’s a relatively high bit rate codec that holds up to the rigours of grading & colour correction, meaning this camera is far more than a point & shoot and really opens up the door to more pro video applications & results.

The Hybrid Autofocus is actually really good too. It does a good job a face tracking and has a snappy but smooth racking when shifting focal points. For me it’s not as good as Canon’s dual pixel system found in their DSLR’s, but it’s a solid and reliable Auto-Focus none-the-less. 

Really, the camera oozes quality Both in it’s build, aesthetics, technology & most importantly it’s end results. The image that that full frame sensor renders for you is a quality & very hard to beat at this price point. And talking of that sensor, it would be criminal not to list it in the good points as for a budget price point you’re getting access to that 35mm full frame sensor and all the low-light & depth of field benefits that come with it. 

Sony A7ii in 2019, The Bad Bits

If I was to review this in all fairness, I would 100% have to take in to account the price this now sits at. And at that price it’s genuinely hard to be critical as you’re getting so much bang for your buck. But taking a step back there area few niggles I have with the A7ii in general.

And first up is the battery life. It uses the NP-FW50, which are a tiny 1080mah battery. Best case is you’ll get an hour out of a full charge, but in reality it’ll be shorter than that. You can get the dual battery grip for the A7ii to effectively double your battery life, and in practice that is an almost mandatory accessory.

Beyond that there’s the obvious shortcomings. There’s no internal 4k and no 120fps slow mo, so you’ll have to decide if those are important to your filmmaking & also there’s the Sony Menu system, which for me always feels cluttered & over complicated, making working in a faster paced situation all the harder.

In Summary

In summary, it’s really hard to knock the value and quality you’re getting with the Sony A7ii, especially on that used market today. If you’re looking at stepping up your filmmaking into the full frame game, then this camera is definitely the first place to look, especially for the budget conscious content creator. It offers all the benefits of a higher end full frame camera, at the price of a new point & shoot.

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  1. Great video, man. This was one of the camera I was looking at getting down the road, but that battery life? Yikes. No thank you. Plus, there are a few newer camera I could get for around that price point anyway .. like the Fuji. Great video, though

  2. Hey, Bloke. All jokes aside.
    Good work there and I felt motivated to get this camera. Then, I remember it doesn’t shoot 4K and the battery life.
    I have been so unimpressed with cameras lately. 🙁

  3. 0:33 SECONDS VINTAGE LENS SPOTTED, TARGET ACQUIRED!!!!!!! Standby for vintage theft squad deployment (not very subtle name, but we're working on it).

    Sony mirrorless was the gateway camera that got me hooked into vintage lenses, it's one of my TOP THREE cameras I"ve used that has changed "my life as I know it". Bolex 16mm (first time shooting film) Canon XL1 (First grown up camera and camera I used to launch my production company) and A7SII (vintage lenses)

    Love this video dudes! almost FIRST!!!!!!!

    Excuse me
    /radio chatter"

    copy that vintage theft squad.

    wait why did I type that?

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