Sony A7R V – Specs & Wild Rumours!

TL:DR – Who doesn’t love a good bit of camera rumour-mill? If like me you do, the latest specs ‘leak’ of the Sony A7R V will definitely excite you!!

With the current model, the A7R IV coming up on the ripe old age of 2 it’s little surprise to seek the leaks and rumour cranking up into full speed. Whether or not these are to believed is another matter, as the smart money is on this camera not being released until 2022, but still it’s exciting to see what’s being reported.

Here’s what we’ve heard; the Sony A7R V is to feature a 61MP sensor, 10fps continuous shooting and 8K 24p video. We’re likely to have 4K 60FPS but not 120p – so not compete to heavily with the other video shooters in the line-up.

In stark contrast to that ridiculous claim we’re hearing that you will have a 4.2.2 10bit output of all video modes, which obviously would compete with the other video shooters in the line-up!! Anyway, the Sony A7R V looks set to cost around $3,500 / £3,800 / (approx.) AU $6,800 which places it right in the competitive point of this high-end mirrorless market.

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