Sony halts production on three cameras

Sony halts production on three cameras due to component shortages.

While Sony has admitted the shortages have been worse than expected for them, they’ve also announced that orders for three camera have been halted. The shortage behind this problem however is the global chip shortage that’s been affecting a wide range of electronics. Sony has been forced to suspend various products including cameras, microphones, camcorders and more.

Making the announcement on their Japanese website, Sony states that orders for their A6100, 6400 and A7 II cameras have now been suspended. In addition to this, the ECM-B1M shotgun microphone and PXW-Z190 professional camcorder have joined the list of suspended Sony products.

Anyone who was hoping to get a Sony A6100, Sony 6400 or Sony A7 II camera in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales will most likely be disappointed. The product suspension will mean drastically lower stocks than expected for the big sale weekend.

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