Sony RX0 Mark ii Review & Test Footage

Sony RX0 ii (mark 2) Review With Test Footage at 4k 25fps, 1080 120fps & super slow mo 1000 frames per second. Is The Sony RXo Mark 2 The Best Miniature Vlog Camera in 2019?

Is This The Best Miniature Vlog Camera in 2019?

Coming in at around £/$700, the latest miniaturised offering from Sony is the worlds smallest & toughest compact camera. With a 1 inch sensor, 24mm equivalent f/4 Zeiss lens, articulating flip up screen and 4k video recorded internally, the Sony RX0 ii offers for more than it’s form suggests.

Unfortunately that form factor will mean this will get compared to premium action cameras like the GoPro & Osmo action, when in truth this is anything but an action camera. Sure it’s waterproof, crush proof & shock proof, but it’s practical uses with makes it more a kin to a miniaturised version of the RX100 VI. 

sony rx0 ii

It is Feature packed miniature video camera, offering the majority of things the average video shooter will need in that palm sized form. From it’s 1 inch sensor, 4k internal recording, 120 fps at 1080 & even super slow motion 1,000 fps modes, there’s a lot to look at here, so lets jump straight in & look at the good bits of the Sony RX0 ii.

Good Bits

The image quality, is pretty incredible for a tiny camera. The 4k internal recording is a huge step up from the previous version of this camera, making this a perfectly useable camera, even for professional applications. 

Mic input, Flip Up front facing LCD screen & great internal audio all mean this camera is rightfully catching the eye of the vloggers out there. There’s certainly some shortcomings for vloggers, such as the fixed focal length at 24mm which isn’t the widest for selfie style shooting, but it is passable. The bigger issues such as stabilisation & auto focus we’ll cover in more detail later. 

Next up is the build quality, and it is crazy how well made this things is. It is literally the most rugged video camera I’ve ever used, and to think, this isn’t an action camera. Despite that though it is waterproof to 10m, crush proof up to 440lbs of pressure & shock proof up to a 2m drop, all of that and it weighs only 132grams. 

The versatility is a huge draw for me, the fact that it records 4k up to 30fps, but also 1080 at the buttery smooth 120fps, makes it perfect for most applications. You can also record in those super slow-mo modes, up to 1,000 fps. Now, the image quality at that frame rate isn’t great, there’s lots of compression, artefacting & general image quality issues… but, the world is much fun when it’s that slow, so it’s feature I’d definitely continue to use.

With all that said, lets jump in & look at the bad bits of this palm sized camera. 

Bad Bits

There is no IBIS. You do have electronic stabilisation or “Steadi-Shot” as Sony call it, but it’s not the best. All it really means that any micro jitters from shooting handheld are going to be present in your footage. It’s a compromise, they had to make for making the camera shock proof, but is certainly a drawback, especially for vloggers. 

There is no continuous AF – rather the locked, single point auto focus system. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it is definitely something you have to bear in mind when shooting with this camera, if your subject moves, your focus distance will be wrong.

Beyond that my issues are minor ones, such as the review monitor switching off during recording, the lens having a fixed slow aperture at f/4 & the fact that the footage is only 8bit 4.2.0 so filming in S-Log isn’t truly an option. But these things aren’t massive detractors from how many great features Sony have squeezed into this portable, rugged & palm sized video camera.


So as portable B cam, or for filmmakers that want a miniaturised rugged camera that puts out a great image, then this is an awesome option. Despite it’s form, its certainly not an action camera and shouldn’t be considered if that’s what you’re in the market for. But beyond that, if you’re a vlogger or a one person YouTube creator, this would certainly cover a lot of the bases you need, but as with everything, it does have it’s compromises. 

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  1. The RX0 was intended to be used as a crash cam and small spaces cam in production situations, and yet it's a great pocket camera for general use. Far better image quality than a smartphone, waterproof and crushproof, it goes anywhere and is virtually unnoticeable.

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