Synco Audio S6E Wired Lavalier Microphone Review

Can you really increase the quality of your audio for £20?

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Because Aj has increasingly become a camera snob he’s refusing to cover anything in the budget price point. So much to his despair, I bring you a £20 Lavalier microphone. A lavalier microphone or Lav mic allows you to place your microphone directly on the person whose voice you want to capture in your video. The Lav-S6E by Synco Audio. Is compatible with smartphones, cameras, camcorders, computers, and tablets. But Can you really increase the quality of your audio for £20?

The Synco Lav-S6E is an omnidirectional wired lav microphone with noise reduction and boastsing new signal-to-noise technology. It is compatible for all your 3.5mm jack devices. It is claimed to offer natural vocal sound, ideal for live streaming, vlogging, podcasting, interview, presentation recording, etc.

The kit you get from synco is everything you need to plug and play. You get a smart carry case with a couple of wind muffs and a dead cat. Obviously you get the mic itself with a tie clip and the battery is included to get you started.


Now we have to review this mic in context, it is a low budget device, I bought this for £20 on Amazon. It has a frequency range of 50hz to 20khz which is what you expect of any lapel mic. It is a wired unit but you won’t find it too restrictive as it has a 6 metre copper cable which is a good distance for most talking head shots. It has a noise processing circuit, which firstly has low self noise and also actively rolls off ambient noise under 70Hz, Perfectly suited for talking to camera whether in or outdoors.

The Synco Audio S6E is a powered unit taking 1 CR1220 BATTERY with a quoted life of 800 hours. The Design of the S6E Lav mic is no different to what you would expect of a premium unit, most of all with the microphone itself. If you do get it on show in any of your footage, well it just looks like a professional lav mic.


As mentioned this is a Wired microphone. Anyone who has ever filmed with headphones connected to their camera knows too well the dangers of forgetting the cable and causing the camera and tripod to topple in that strange sickening slow motion.

You have to be mindful of the price point when condemning a product. The audio captured on this mic is not the best, if you were to compare it to a Sennheiser or Shure lapel. So you do have to speak in context. 


The omnidirectional microphone picks up sound with equal gain from all sides or directions of the microphone. This is a great choice in a lavalier mic, it has a Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction across the entire audio spectrum. I would have to say that this mic is perfect for anyone on a budget that most probably films with their phone or streams from their desktop setup.

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