Synco G1 A1 Wireless Lav Mic Review

In April 2019 Rode launched the Wireless Go. A clip and go wireless microphone for two hundred dollars. Needless to say, audio bargain hunters got excited. Previously if you wanted a wireless lav microphone, you would be looking at parting with around six hundred dollars on a pocket bulging, AA battery munching.. audio beast ! 

Having tried the Rode Wireless Go after it’s release, I wanted to look into the market of budget wireless mics a little more, and what better place to start than with the Synco G1, available for Half the price of that leading brand at just ninety nine dollars.

There are two main components to this device, the transmitter microphone and the receiver unit, they use a digital 2.4ghz signal to connect. Also in the box is a separate Lav Mic, and all the cables you’d ever need to connect this audio setup, there’s also a dead cat or as many animal lovers prefer to call it a “wind muff”, and this is all housed in a convenient carry case. 

As for battery life well both the transmitter and receiver have an internal 400 milliamp hour battery quoted at five hours of record time. When it comes to recharging via USB you can anticipate 90 minutes for a full charge. Just like the Rode Wireless Go, the transmitter unit has an internal microphone. There is also the option of plugging in a Lav mic, as i mentioned there is one included should you require something more subtle. The audio set up here seems to cover as much as the leading brands, so lets take a look at the good bits of the Synco G1


On the move you will appreciate how quickly the G1 starts up and pairs. The 2.4ghz connection is strong and stable even when out of line of sight. The addition of a built-in High Pass filter is a welcome feature, Much like you would expect of more expensive mics. This does a great job at helping to clean up your recordings by cutting out all noise below 180hz, which is typically where you’d find a lot of wind and breath noise. 

Unlike expensive wireless lavaliers of the past, this is super lightweight. Really this just adds to that ease of use and accessibility. In truth a bit more weight would be reassuring but I see the advantages here.

If I’m honest my favourite way to use this is with the supplied, external lavalier mic plugged in to the transmitter unit. It works a lot better for your talking head and interview shots, allowing for better mic positioning to minimise fabric noise and interference. In all, I have to say that  it’s an impressive unit for the price. But it’s not all good news.


As you’ll hear (in the video below) there is quite a lot of noise produced by this mic since we switched from the “studio set up”. This is possibly from the Analog to digital conversion on the transmitter, Yes it’s a pretty easy fix in post but for this video this is the untreated audio.

Equally the EQ of the microphone isn’t great. By that I mean that the Tone of the mic is very “middly”. This is made even worse by the High Pass Filter, which to my ear is set too high, removing too much of the bottom end from the voice, resulting in this less than ideal tone. 

When we look at the build quality, we start to see that this is clearly a cheaper unit, with its all plastic design, there is no hiding it.. “you bought cheap”. The transmitter unit, when used as the microphone, picks up a lot of interference from clothing noise. Obviously there is a lot more surface area on the transmitter than a small lav mic, and perhaps not enough shielding to protect it from that movement noise.


I actually really like the Synco G1, I think it delivers considerably more value than you pay for and as such it’s a great choice for beginners taking the next step in their videos. But if you can afford a slightly larger budget, by that I mean double, then hold out for the big brand version who have just released AN UPDATED MODEL. Brands like Rode just guarantee higher quality and ultimately will make your videos that step better.

I hope you enjoyed this video, if you want to “read” more you can check out our blog and for more on the synco g1 there’s some links below. Remember thumbs show love so be careful where you put them. That’s all for this one bYe.

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