Top 5 Mini Tripods Under $30

Let’s look at my top five miniature tripods under $/£30…

The Joby Gorillapod

joby gorilla pod

It is the classic, the ‘og’ miniature tripod. It is the go-to for any youtubers that want to look like Casey or Peter McKinnon whilst they’re out there vlogging. It is the miniature tripod for your selfie style vloggers, but all that being said it does come with its issues. Let’s look at the good bits first, it is a massively versatile and flexible stand that allows you to attach your camera to places and locations that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to put it. With these articulating ball joints it also collapses into a flexible hand grip, so for you selfie style shooters it’s almost the perfect ergonomic grip.

You can hold cameras and rigs up to around 1kg weight and it’s just generally quite lightweight and compact, so very easy to have with you. For me though the bad points are too big to overlook.

Firstly it’s very susceptible to falling over. When you’ve got it set up into a tripod mode its centre of gravity is often very off, because you can’t quite get the legs straight. So you have this feeling of fear when you leave your camera setup on it and walk away to get a shot. It’s just not very confidence inspiring and with that point as well is the articulating balls. They’re very susceptible to breaking over time, they’re very easy to overextend and also just generally wear out and loosen. After around six months you’ll find that the stand will start to buckle under its own weight, so those bad points really do far outweigh the good points in my mind at least.

The £5/$5 Bargain Tripod

Next up is the IGadgitz 2-in-1 pistol-grip tripod. This comes in at a mere £5, well actually it was 4.89 when I was making the notes for this video and is by far the cheapest miniature tripod that you can get on the market today.

Sure this little guy is the brunt of a lot of our jokes here and that’s because, well mainly the build quality is so awful. St’s so plastic and so cheap, but it does have a rightful place on this list and that’s purely because of it’s accessibility and its affordability. This is open to creators of literally all sizes, it literally cost a fiver and I don’t know much video gear that you can get for 5 pounds that is actually worth owning but to be fair the this bucks that trend.

It is incredibly accessible and versatile, mainly for its price point but also for its ease of use. It does work relatively well and beyond all its shortcomings, you also have the added feature of being able to look like James Bond while she’s setting up your shot.

Manfrotto Pocket Support

Next on this list is the Manfrotto pocket support. It has a recommended retail price of £20/$20, but is more often than not on sale and that’s for around £5. If you see it on sale at that price, buy it, you absolutely won’t regret it.

It’s build quality and its usefulness is so high it’ll have a rightful place in your kit bag. It is an always-on camera support, so it’s no good for your handheld shooting, for your selfie style vloggers this isn’t going to be great, but for a extremely compact and lightweight flat surface mount this guy is pretty incredible. It has your typical Manfrotto build quality and allows a kind of level of versatility that you don’t get with just a flat plate on the bottom of your camera. The fact that it also folds down to being this small means that will always be in your camera bag so if you see it buy it it won’t regret it.

Joby Grip Tight — For Smartphones

The Joby grip tight retails from around 15 to 25 pounds, for me it is the only gorilla pod that I would fully recommend for any type of content creator out there. That’s because it doesn’t suffer the same problems of the bigger brothers in the Gorilla Pod range. It has the same articulating ball joints, it has the same kind of ability to hold in a hand grip, but because it’s purely designed for smartphones or very lightweight accessories it doesn’t have its centre of gravity issues.Also the articulating ball joints are just a bit stronger maybe because they’re smaller, either way they’re less likely to break.

It also has some great additional features that the bigger versions don’t have. The first and this is my favourite, is the magnetic feet. This is really a blockbuster addition to this miniature stand and that’s because it enables an extra level of accessibility you can now magnetically attach this stand to any piece of metal. Now sure the stand is purely designed for mobile phones, well that’s how its marketed, but it will also work with a whole host of other miniature cameras and accessories. That’s because this little phone grip on top will detach and show you a quarter inch thread underneath. So you’re now able to use it with things like miniature LED lights or even action cameras, which is actually how we make best use of this stand. attaching an action camera to a quarter-inch of thread and then magnetically sticking it to the ceiling etc.

Number 1 — Manfrotto Pixi Mini

My favourite miniature tripod on the market for under $30 currently is the Manfrotto Pixi Mini.

You can see these on line four from anywhere between 18 and 25 pounds and if you see it at that lower price point buy 2!! Really they are that good. For any smaller body DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, compacts, or even action cameras this is the best miniature tripod on the market. That’s because as a tripod it just works. Now unlike any other miniature tripod that we’ve tried over the years this provides the highest level of security when mounted on a flat surface.

With that Manfrotto build quality you get that level of confidence with the stand that you would expect from the brand, you’re happy to leave your expensive mirrorless camera on the stand walk away and get your shot and not worry about it falling over, which you cannot say for things like the Joby Gorillapod. The tripod legs will collapse into a really ergonomic hand grip which enables that selfie style shooting so for vloggers. In addition to that, is also the lockable ball joint, which is really a fantastic feature for any tripod.

It enables you to either level your shop perfectly if your flat surface isn’t perfectly level or even get a more artistic angle to your frame with that lockable board joint. The only thing to really bear in mind with this is that maximum weight load.

Like I said, if you see at that lower price point don’t just buy one, buy two because this little guy will get the maximum use in your kit bag.


So in summary, any of these stands will do a great job for you and will have a useful place in your kit bag. Now I have listed these in my order of preference but don’t discount the Joby Grip Tight, I think for its price point, its versatility and its general usefulness that it is a hidden gem on the market today.

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