Top 5 Must Know Video Editing Shortcuts In Premiere Pro 2021

Top 5 Must Know Video Editing Shortcuts For Premiere Pro 2021, To Speed Up Your Edits And Workflow.

  1. Guys… feel your pain. Streaming this summer has been savage, soft boxes set up, blinds drawn, multiple PC's chugging out heat… leather sofa… it's been brutal!

    Epic video though guys, as always, really helpful! I knew a couple of these but the rest I'll be making sure to use from now on! Snap & link selection…. how'd I not know this… so simple but so helpful!! I've been right clicking and pressing "unlink" haha!

  2. These will absolutely make you cut FASTER! It needs to get to a point where you don't even have to THINK about what you're doing to make the story elements work in your cut. Thinking about what you're doing occupies brain cycles that could be applied to STORY STORY STORY 🙂

    Tips? How to prepare for ON CAMERA, arguably the most challenging part about making these videos (for some and many)

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