Ultimate Lav Mic Comparison

How important actually is your choice of microphones and are the alternatives to the Rode Wireless Go 2 worth considering? well in this article with an over hyped title we’re going to find out.

For this massively over the top video, we’re looking at three wireless mic sets that all conveniently have the same features. I’m not going to say two of these copied the other, but on face value they look and operate very, very similarly. And also be sure to read to the end as I may be giving one of these away… It’ll be the one Pete bought!

So, in this shootout we have the Synco G1 A1, the Fotowelt Air and the Rode Wireless Go ii. I want to give each of these a fair chance so when we switch to the audio test, each will be delivered (in the video) totally untreated, as the raw recorded audio files. So without further waffle lets get straight to it, starting with the cheapest offering here the Synco G1 A1

Synco G1

These really aren’t the most pleasing microphones to listen to, in fact I’d say these are comfortably the worst of this bunch.

The general EQ from the microphone/transmitter unit is very middly. The High Pass Filter is set way too high, which I assume is in an attempt to over come handling and wind noise, but the result is too much bass from my voice being filtered out.

There’s also a disturbing amount of noise being recorded here. I can only assume it’s from the Analog to digital conversion or maybe picked up during transmission. The noise, along with the EQ are fixable in post, but they’re definitely issues worth nothing. However with all those negatives said, this set comes in at less than $100 and is incredibly portable and easy to use, so there’s some huge positives here for beginners or those on a really tight budget.

Fotowelt Air

Next up we have the Fotowelt Air, the first thing you’ll definitely notice is the aesthetic, which have clearly be more than a little inspired by the design of the Rode Wireless Go… and when I say Inspired I do mean totally copied.

However that copy-cat design is incredibly well done. In fact I’d say the build quality is one of the best features of this mic set, for the $110 price tag its really top draw. Definitely built to last and well beyond what your investment would suggest.

Onto the audio quality and there is a lot to be desired here. Really it’s on a par with the Synco G1 which considering they sit at the same price shouldn’t really be a surprise. The quality of the mic built into that transmitter unit really does underwhelm. Thankfully the filtering isn’t as savage as with the Synco units, but unfortunately the balance here is you do get a lot more environment noise when you take this out into the wilds.

Rode Wireless Go ii

Now we’ve switched the audio to the one the others are pretending to be, the Rode Wireless Go ii. This is so much an improvement on the others that in many ways it shouldn’t be compared. The price point does in some ways reflect that, coming it at around $250.

But when you consider how much better this is that the cheaper alternatives it’s actually a wonder that Rode have managed to make this at the price it’s selling at. It’s not just the build quality, the fact that this is a two channel version or the quality of the microphone that is superior but also the ability to record direct to the transmitters. By enabling this you gain two massive advantages, the first is having a redundancy recording in case of drop outs or interference. The second is the improved audio quality you get from bypassing your cameras less than ideal microphone pre amps. In every aspect the Wireless Go 2 is better than the rest, to the point where this set is comparable to the our much more expensive Sennheiser G4 set.

Final Thoughts

Now I don’t want to end this with some really obvious point, that the well known branded and more expensive unit is the best, despite the fact that it is. I do want to shine some positive light on the other offerings. The Synco G1 and Fotowelt Air do have a rightful place, for $100 budget offerings they represent a very accessible improvement to audio quality. They are in truth both fairly good offerings for very little money, that for newer creators would be an excellent and cheap purchase.

But what’s better than cheap? I’ll tell you what and that’s free and as Pete bought this Fotowelt Air I’m gonna give it away. So for some more info on these wireless mics and to get involved in our latest giveaway there’s some links below. Whilst you’re down there be sure to like, subscribe and all that other good stuff. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Fotowelt Air Wireless Lav Microphone Giveaway

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