Why I Bought This Cheap Leica Camera For Black And White Photography

In this video I explain why I’ve lusted after a Leica camera for a VERY long time – and which unusual choice I bought.

Black and white photography from Leica just does something to me. So, as someone who can’t drop £thousands on a dedicated camera just for a bit of niche photography, what did I do? I found a surprisingly brilliant left-field bargain, of course. I talk a bit about the magic of Leica and then go for a little photo walk to test out the new Leica camera. Then I show a load of images from it – in both JPEG and edited RAW format (make sure to watch to the end for RAW examples). Are you thinking of buying a Leica? What’s on your shortlist? Would you buy this? Are you already a Leica camera owner? If so, let me know what you’ve got, what you recommend and what you make of my purchase!

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